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About Ark HD


Are you wondering what’s really going on in the world during this pandemic? Covid-19 has the world in its grip and internet sources are hard to fact check. To provide the world with realtime information we would like to introduce: Live TV services available in 46 countries with over 9000 channels globally.

With ARKHD you get a live view of what’s really going on with the Covid pandamic and you are the first to be updated with the latest news and breaking headlines around the world. With
ARKHD you will never have to miss another show, programme, documentary, movie or newsupdate again.

ARKHD is an affordable IPTV Application that allows users to connect your favorite Android or iOS devices with live TV channels from multiple service providers. With over 9,000+ channels available, ARKHD Company delivers a user experience unlike any other. Now, users can control their media delivery experience using simple integration tools allow instant connections and fast and reliable transmission.

Experience what the fuss is about today!

Driving a Seamless User Experience Like No Other.

The latest CDN technologies, maximum compatibility and advanced GUI was implemented in our application. ARKHD is compatible with SD, HD, 1080p, and 4K regardless of whether
the content was recorded in SD, HD, 1080p, or 4K, our ARKHD 1.6 application will deliver any content effortlessly and beautifully. Start watching high definition television on any device today with ARKHD.

Full catch up facilities, great looking electronic program guide, time shift settings for programs in multiple time zones, and more. Our 1.6 Live TV application contains all of the great features customers like you have been asking for. Together with our costumers we are perfecting our products so that you will reap the benefits of an exquisit streaming service, available anywhere in the world.

Compatible with your iOS, Android set top nox, Perfect Player, Android Phones, VLC, and other devices. You can stream your favorite shows on the go without without compromising on quality.

Wherever you are, whatever device you use, chances are that our application is compatible with your device. No IP restrictions here! With ARKHD you’ll have access to your favorite channels at home, work or on the go on your mobile device. Travelling to work with ARKHD makes the trip a lot more fun.

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