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9,000+ Available Channels. Global Coverage Currently Supporting 46 Countries.


We provide


Compatible Devices

Compatible on all devices like iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. Finally a world class media delivery experience has arrived on any device!

Multiple Providers

ARKHD services are compatible with all major service providers worldwide. 9,000+ channel connections available for maximum versatility!

Cutting Edge

Utilizing cutting edge 3rd party technologies, ARKHD delivers the best IPTV subscription experience available in the market place today.

About Us

Are you wondering what’s really going on in the world during this pandemic? Covid-19 has
the world in its grip and internet sources are hard to fact check. To provide the world with
Realtime information we would like to introduce: Live TV services available in 46 countries with over 9000 channels globally.


Our Subscriptions



One-Time Payment



One-Time Payment



One-Time Payment

With ARKHD you will have access to a wired range of channels to choose from. We made sure to
include the most popular packages as the NBA package, the MBL package, NFL and FOX channel alongside populair PPV/Live events to make sure you won’t miss any important live event.

With ARKHD you will also have access to various Latino channels as the Disney channel Latin America or FOX latin channels. If you are working nightshifts or if you’re a natural nightowl, ARKHD also gives you access to various 24/7 channels where you can watch movies or popular series around the clock.

Last but not least, ARKHD also gives you access to adult channels. Start enjoying our complete, reliable
and affordable streaming services and say goodbye to traditional television.

Device Compatibility

Smart Phone

Android, iOS, Windows Phone


Android, iOS, Windows Phone


Windows, Mac, Linux

Smart TV

Android, Tizen, WebOS etc…

For any inquiries please email

Online Study

I was looking for a way to watch international soccer and arkHD more than delivered. Switching from one game to another was intuitive and seamless and I can`t think of a better way to keep up with my favorite leagues. If you want to skip the hassle of finding what platform a game is streaming on, I strongly recommend arkHD!

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